Order Status

Order Status

We always update you on the status of the item(s) in your order via email.

Each item in your order will have status listed next to it: 


This status means that your item is either waiting to be shipped, or has already been shipped and is awaiting tracking information before it can be moved to "Shipped' status.

Processing time is the period after your order is placed when your payment is verified, and the items are prepared for shipment. For in-stock items, processing time should last no longer than two - three business days, unless otherwise noted on the product’s description page.

Please note:

  • Certain items that are made-to-order or require special preparation for shipment may require a longer processing time.
  •  Orders placed after 12:00pm EST will begin processing the following business day.

If your in-stock item has not been shipped, please contact us and make sure to include the Order number.


You will receive an email with a tracking number once your order has been shipped. Each shipped item on your order will have a shipping method and tracking number listed next to it.

Please note that tracking information is sometimes unavailable when you first receive your shipping confirmation notice because the package has not yet been scanned by the shipping carrier. It can take up to two business days for the shipping carrier to collect and scan your package. Before then, it may appear that the tracking information is invalid.


An order can be cancelled for various reasons. In every instance, we make every effort to communicate with you prior to cancelling the order. We sincerely apologize if your order was cancelled without your knowledge.

The most common reasons why your order may be cancelled without your consent are:

  • The information you provided for your billing address or the card's security code does not match the information that your bank currently has on file.
  • We were not able to contact you to verify your payment information. Please make sure that you are available at the e-mail address and phone number you've provided.

For security purposes, we have to cancel orders that fail this verification. Please contact your bank and make sure that they have your current address on file before contacting us.

An item on your order has a shipping restriction. Either it is too large/heavy to be shipped outside the Continental U.S. or to P.O. Boxes, or it cannot ship internationally due to licensing issues.

Please be aware that you are never charged for cancelled items. Legally, we cannot bill our customers until an item that has not been shipped. If you see a transaction on your statement immediately following the placement of your order, this is only an authorization, or pending transaction, that will eventually expire. The authorization only put the funds on hold and does not actually withdraw anything from your account. If you have any questions about these authorizations, please contact your bank.